Language Laboratory, 2007


The Language Laboratory installation in the Little Hall of the Rotterdam City Theatre shows various stages of the experimental developmental process of the personally generated software program ‘Semantic Structures’. This program serves as a thinking machine and instrument in order to examine the dimensions of semantic coherence within language and thought: words are supplied with meaning by words around them. This referential structure can be imagined as a hermetic spatial branching system without starting point or end – one that continuously and simultaneously develops in all directions. Each representation is a frozen instant, a cross-section of a four-dimensional structure that is infinite and can only partially be conceived. During the Poetry International Festival a new aspect of this program will be illustrated every evening.



Kamiel Verschuren (1968) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work focuses on the investigating and disseminating of the concept and the existential experiencing of space via drawings, photos, (graphic) designs, sculptures, text or sound installations, architectural or landscape projects, social actions and public happenings. Since 2001, he has worked on various projects in Charlois, Rotterdam and Sapporo, Japan. He also is working on such commissions as ‘no more, no less’, the external space of the Koepelgevangenis prison in Breda and a large landscape project ‘there is the future’ for a public sapce in Zutphen. Together with Thom Gallant he initiated the annual art manifestation Poetry&Art, ‘NewCanvas©2004-2006’, for the Poetry International Festival.

The software program ‘Semantic Structures’ is being developed in collaboration with Bo Andrea and Marcel Langenberg.

  • Throughout the festival week, except for 16 and 22 June, during the programmes in the Little Hall
38e Poetry International Festival