Poetry, lunacy and melancholy...

... at the 38th Poetry International Festival

Concentrating in particular on the relationship between poetry, madness and melancholy, on the sometimes thin dividing line between creativity and madness and on melancholy, seen from way back as being the origin of art and madness. With 24 poets from the whole world, special programmes, prize-giving ceremonies, readings, discussions, translation workshops, theatre, film, music and the visual arts.

  • Archive 38th Poetry International Festival
    During the festival, a weblog was maintained with a.o. audio- and video fragment of all poets. There is also a possibilitie to give your opinion on what you see, read or hear. http://media.poetryinternational.org/weblog

  • Listen to the radio programmes De Avonden (the evenings) with festival poets Danie Marais, Arthur Sze and Morten Sondergaard. click here

  • Language Laboratory
    Language Laboratory, 2007 by Kamiel Verschuren was exhibited in the Small Hall during the festival
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    - pictures Tuesday19 June
    - pictures Wednesday 20 june
    - pictures Thursday 21 June

     photo's: Kamiel Verschuren

  • positive VOLUME
    On the moment of the official opening of the 38th Poetry International Festival the last garbage and tools were carried out of the City Theatre. After more than three days of building (over 10.000 kilo's of material with six people building), positive VOLUME by Thijs Ewalts en Jasper Niens was finished. More pictures

     photo's: Katja Nootenboom

  • The constraints of language (Bas Kwakman, director)
38e Poetry International Festival